Heather graduated from Nottingham Trent University with BA hons in Printed Textile Design specialising in print designs for fashion and interiors.

She has had a successful career that has given her the opportunity to live and work in London, Hong Kong and New York producing and selling print designs through agents and studios.

Heather now lives in Hertfordshire where she strives to explore a variety of techniques through the use of oil paints applied in various ways.

Some of her oil paintings use many layers of paint to explore the subtle tones and luminosity as light plays through the delicate intricacy of petals. Others reveal the abstract structure and texture of flowers using palette knife and impasto paint techniques.

Flowers can flood a home with colour - the vibrancy, the energy and movement is a source of joy even in the bleakest of seasons.

Heather's art strives to capture this timeless beauty that flowers have, from the strength of their colours to the fragility of their structure.

Her landscapes use paint applied with energy to capture atmosphere and impressions working from sketches from the surrounding countryside with wheat fields below an expanse of sky.

Heather has recently launched an online shop featuring her designs on aprons, tea towels, notebooks and more - Ink & Fold

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